Want to find your own voice as a flutist? Not sure how to start, and need some guidance with your flute technique?

Music is an international language that can be shared all over the world without words. So what is music to you? As a musician I believe music is a vehicle of expression that can be produced with vibrato, different tone colors and shades of the rainbow. So what are your intentions with learning the flute? Where does inspiration come from when learning music?

Flute lessons

Come join me on one of
my upcoming classes!

Want to learn how to compose your own songs with a melody and accompaniment! You came to the write place!

Want to improve your flute technique before the beginning of the school year, having a hard time with your sight-reading skills. I’m offering a 2-week intensive that we will practice playing duets together, recognizing harmonies, time signatures, paying attention to close detail. 

Who wants to go to the gym and exercise their muscles? Haha, flutists need to go to a flute gym! Need a refresher course with an overview of flute warm-ups? You came to the right place.

Learn new repertoire for upcoming recitals and auditions for Area, Region and All State Band
Playing for your fellow students via zoom or in person master-classes
Rotation of exercises of scales with the use of board games!
Learning theory concepts and apply to etudes and flute repertoire
Developing your technique with exercises of articulation, tone and vibrato
Learn your facial muscles and how they affect your sound.
Starting fall 2020 - I will be hosting 2 flute studio recitals per year!! The recitals will be held in either the fall or winter and end of the school year (spring) to celebrate all my students’ progress. We will hopefully have a live recital at a church in the spring of 2021.


Inspiration comes within you and from it you will
find your inner voice without words
Inspiration comes within you and from it you will find your inner voice without words. Inspiration is a major element in my teaching style. By identifying the needs of each student we find a reason of why to practice! My personal inspiration to become an even better flutist happened several years ago when I was introduced to internationally well-known flutist and educator Keith Underwood. Mr. Underwood has helped me discover my own voice and sound through a collection of teaching techniques ranging from articulation to buzzing.
Hearing the results of these techniques
were mind-boggling and gave me the motivation
to practice, practice, practice!!
What benefits will come out
of taking my flute lessons?
The goal for my students is to be able to enjoy music and apply what they learn in flute lessons in life. Being dedicated to practice can be applied in many other fields. I understand that all my students may not become professional musicians. However, I want them to apply the teachings and skills that they learn in lessons to important life skills like making a schedule, being productive with their practicing, and making small achievable goals for themselves. My lessons include assorted exercises such as buzzing and the use of breathing bags and breathing machines. Having students record themselves as they practice allows them to hear to improve their sound and rhythm. In my lessons, I enjoy being creative and working in a fun atmosphere. As a teacher, I encourage and support students to audition for higher-level placement ensembles and competitions.
What fun things will be used
to help with technique?
My teaching style focuses on technique with devices of coffee stirrers, buzzing, breathing bags to make the sound production on the flute as full and clear as possible. I talk about body awareness and how to use air efficiently.